Discover Your Posture Archetype

Transform your posture to look better, move better, and feel better.

Posture Matters.

Discover how your Posture Archetype is contributing to a positive or negative health outcome.

How It Works

Answer the 20-question assessment to immediately receive your Free Posture Archetype Blueprint.

You will discover...

  • Your primary postural distortion patterns
  • How your Posture Archetype relates to your health and wellness
  • Possible health outcomes based on your Posture Archetype
  • Use these insights to begin your Posture Transformation

What It Is

Your posture is the structural framework of your body. The Posture Archetype Assessment measures your postural strengths and weaknesses to determine your postural pattern.

Find out:

  • Your primary postural distortion patterns
  • What lifestyle factors are contributing to those postural distortion patterns
  • Negative health outcomes if your postural distortion patterns are left uncorrected
  • How a Posture Transformation can help you feel better and live healthier

Why The Posture Archetype?

Knowing your Posture Archetype is your first step to a Posture Transformation. The American Posture Institute has helped thousands of people transform their posture. When you know the cause of your postural distortion patterns, you have a clear path for Postural Transformation.

  • Get a clear understanding of your posture needs
  • Get a specific plan to go from dysfunction to a posture transformation

Which Posture Archetype Do You Think You Are?

What To Do

Follow the steps below and discover how you can transform your Posture...

Step 1

Complete the Posture Archetype Assessment

Step 2

Download Your Posture Archetype Blueprint

Step 3

Begin Your Posture Transformation Journey

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